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Urgent Campaign Update - Dan Forest


I wanted to update everyone on the latest developments with regards to our election for Lt. Governor.

As you know tomorrow is the "Canvass" day when all county boards of elections officially count and make decisions on how they are going to treat the provisional ballots in their possession.  Dan currently maintains a lead in the race for Lt. Governor, with approximately 10,500 votes.  If our margin of victory falls below 10,000 at the close of all 100 canvass meetings tomorrow, then our opponent will have the legal right to call for a recount of the election.  This will be a costly endeavor for both the State of North Carolina and for our campaign.

To give you insight into the desperate state our opponent's campaign is in, wanted you to know what her legal team did today. 

Today, the Coleman campaign filed suit against the State of North Carolina seeking to get the state to change the election rules after the election has already occurred. Specifically, she called on the Board of Election to allow people who tried to register to vote and vote on Election Day to have their ballots counted.  In North Carolina you can not register to vote on Election Day. You can register to vote and vote on the same day during the early voting period, but not on Election Day proper.  Coleman's suit seeks to retroactively change that law so that she can produce more votes for her campaign.

In response to her action, our campaign today released the follow quote:

"The way I see it, she is suing the State of North Carolina to change the rules of the election after the election is over to manipulate the outcome to her advantage.  This is the very reason we have clear election laws on the books.  There are many good people with the board of elections, working hard to make sure all legal votes are counted and to ensure fairness and transparency in the election process.  It is sad to see Ms. Coleman stoop to this level.  It speaks volumes to her view of the rule of law."  - Hal Weatherman, campaign manager, Dan Forest for Lt. Governor

Also today, the Coleman legal team filed suit against the Department of Motor Vehicles demanding that they turn over the "motor-voter" records in their possession.  The problem with this action is that DMV records contain information that is "personal" in nature to the person holding the drivers license.  Laws are on the books to protect the release of this information so as to protect the privacy of the card holders. 

The Coleman campaign is running roughshod over the laws and is showing us their view of the rule of law and the depths they will stoop in order to erase Dan's hard fought victory.

As always, let me thank you again for all your hard work on our behalf.  Many of you have emailed or called asking how you can help us.  You can help by making a contribution to help pay our mounting legal fees. Fighting these frivolous legal actions is actually very expensive and will only grow exponentially if we head to a full-fledged recount.

Please click here to make a secure online donation to our campaign and give now. Our need is immediate and will be put to immediate use to protect and preserve the integrity of the voting system and our victory.

Thank you.

Hal Weatherman
campaign manager
Dan Forest for Lt. Governor

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