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Things: Hope in the Future


Kami Mueller contributes to the Dan Forest Profiles series as we commemorate people, places, and things that show the greatest parts of North Carolina: Hope in the Future. 

Lately, I have had the pleasure of spending a good bit of my free time in our new Dan Forest Raleigh Campaign office. We have maximized the utility of every inch and cranny, building many materials from scratch. And some of the first inhabitants this summer have been a few really great interns.

Two nights ago, I stayed up to burn the midnight oil with two of these interns stuffing and hand-addressing envelopes for a Dan Forest event. After a long work day, God gave me the gift of a quiet mind while working alongside them…and I soaked in a conversation I may never forget.

There was some initial talk of what they hoped to do next in life, where they would like to live, etc. And somehow the dialogue changed into something far more poignant. They talked about their love for history and our nation’s past. Outlining what their professors would cover and how far they knew it to be from the truth. They listed their favorite books, spouting off authors, case studies, and how they see such-and-such political theory applied in a recent television series’ storyline. They talked of veterans—and how they are often moved to tears when they read about their sacrifices and watch movies that attempt to replicate their experiences, because “it doesn’t even do them justice. They deserve so much more respect than they are given. I wish they knew how I valued their work and their selflessness.”

I faced the wall as my eyes welled-up with tears. Was I hearing this correctly?

It’s easy to identify what is wrong with the world we live in and how it has changed so much in the last 100 years. In many ways, knowing the problems at hand equip us to innovate the proper solution. But with this comes an unintentional element of hopelessness.

Hope is still alive and well in the Dan Forest office. Be encouraged to know there are two smart young adults in a closet-sized office, humbly stuffing envelopes without complaint, sharing their passion for North Carolina and for America.

And I pray there will be many many more, because THAT is worth fighting for.

--Kami Mueller


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