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The Emperor Has No Clothes: Obama's Power Play

Last night the President made one of the most dangerous power plays in American history.  Using the immigration issue as his vehicle, he is publicly challenging the very system of checks and balances that was established by our founders to protect America against tyranny.  The President has clearly shown that he will pick and choose which laws he will enforce and that if he does not like the laws passed by Congress, he will simply make his own.

Our Republic is in unchartered territory with this action. 

When asked previously about changing the legal status of millions of people without a vote of Congress he stated: "The problem is that I'm the President of the United States, not the emperor... my job is to execute the laws that are passed."  

Last night, he used power not given to him in the Constitution. In doing so, he revealed to the world that he now sees himself as above the law.  

Unless the Congress stands up and uses every tool at their disposal to block this move, rest assured an emperor has been created. 

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