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Preparing for the End of the Walk


Have you ever experienced one of those moments where you have an instant sense of clarity of where you are in your life?

Not work, not family, not pleasure or pain, just a moment, where for a split second you stop and think about your life itself, your role and place in it, and how one day it will all end. I have only had these moments a few times in my life, but when I do they are very strong and profound. Usually they come in the most unusual and unexpected places.

Last week, one of those moments hit me. I was traveling back to the United States from London, with Dan. We were on a moving conveyor belt walkway in Heathrow Airport headed to our departure gate. As we approached the end of the walk way, a computerized voice in a woman's British accent said: "Please prepare yourself for the end of the conveyor." I don't know why that phrase struck me the way it did, but it did. I thought of how I chose to get on the fast conveyor walk way rather than just slowly walking through the airport. When given a choice, I chose to get there faster. This is just like life, so many times we choose the fast way. Always in a hurry. Always in a rush. Always pushing ourselves for this accomplishment or that one. I guess my point is, why the hurry? Why the rush? Life is precious. Every moment counts. In all the hurry, in all the rush, in all the day to day pressures and decisions, sometimes we need to stop cold and realize that the conveyor will end one day and we must prepare ourselves for the end. That woman's voice was telling me that the fast walk forward will come to an end one day and I needed to prepare my feet for a return to a normal speed.. a speed and pace that God gave me when he created my body, my gait, my walk in life.

I can speed it up and slow it down, but in the end, I must prepare myself for the end of the walk. So should we all.


Hal C. Weatherman


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