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NC Education Endowment

North Carolina Education Endowment

Have you contributed to the North Carolina Education Endowment yet? This special fund, championed by Lt. Governor Forest in 2014, was established to supplement teacher pay raises that directly relate to student achievement. Show your appreciation for North Carolina teachers today by purchasing an “I Support Teachers” specialty license plate or by donating a portion of your state tax refund to the Endowment. For information on how to order an “I Support Teachers” license plate, visit www.isupportteachers.com. To learn more about contributing to the Endowment through your state tax refund, click here. Join Lieutenant Governor Forest in rewarding our best teachers for their professionalism and high performance by participating in this initiative today.

“This innovative framework for supplementing teacher pay is essential to showing teachers, students, and parents that we cannot settle for an average public education system in North Carolina…”

Lt. Governor Dan Forest


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