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March Images


Top Left: Ms. Evelyn Langston was recently honored by the State Board of Education for her 63 years of service as a public school teacher. She stopped to give Lt. Governor Forest a hug and thank him for his leadership on her way out.

Top Right: Lt. Governor Forest spoke last week at the Johnston County Friends of Scouting dinner.

Bottom Left: This photo was taken at the Onslow County Lincoln Reagan Dinner. Senator Brown and Representative Millis were both in attendance. Onslow Co. is fortunate to have such strong representation.

Bottom Right: Bath, NC, our state’s oldest town, celebrated its 310th anniversary on March 8th.  Be sure to check out its historic district next time you’re around Beaufort County.


Top Left: Lt. Governor Forest with Donna Williams, Chair of the Wake County GOP. This photo was taken before his speech at the Wake Co. GOP precinct meeting.

Top Right: Lt. Governor Forest had the opportunity to sit down with Roger Wiggs of WRAY-TV to discuss his legislative agenda for 2015.

Bottom Left: We took advantage of the winter weather and got creative with #ForestFriday. Send us your #ForestFriday pictures from around the state.

Bottom Right: Congratulations to Dianne Layden, who was re-elected as Chair of the Perquimans County GOP. Thanks for your leadership, Dianne.  


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