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Thank You

Thank you for your generous support of my campaign.  We are settling in to the Lieutenant Governor’s Office and getting our feet on the ground.  The first 120 days have been quite a run.  To say that government does not run like a business is a vast understatement.  We continue to turn over rocks and find new areas that need improvement or complete overhaul, but the team is up to the task.


While the General Assembly is in session, my duties as President of the Senate keep me somewhat tied to Raleigh, but that schedule has been filled with back to back meetings with government agencies, departments and constituents as we continue to learn the ins and outs of state government.  There are truly only two positions in the state that see the government holistically and have the ability to influence all the working parts - The Governor and the Lieutenant Governor.  We take this responsibility seriously. 

President of Senate

As President of the Senate, I have had the unique opportunity to ratify (sign into law) several key pieces of legislation including the bill denying the expansion of Medicaid; the bill blocking the creation of a state health care exchange; a bill to overhaul the unemployment insurance system; and a bill to create a career ready track (vocational training) for high schools students. 

Boards and Commissions

Along with my duties as Chairman of the E-Learning Commission, I am a voting member of the State Board of Education. I spent my first three months as the lone conservative on that board.  After six new appointments by the Governor, including the new board chair, Bill Cobey, we now have a conservative majority - Expect big changes to come for education.  It is time to ensure that North Carolina is #1 in the nation in education.

As a member of the State Economic Development Board, I have held numerous meetings with North Carolina business owners as well as building upon trade relationships with officials from around the world, including Great Britain, Canada, Hong Kong and Israel.  We will continue to seek opportunities to export our goods and services to new countries around the world so we can grow our economy and create jobs.  It is time to move North Carolina from #45 in employment to #1 in employment.

The Future

We are off to a great start but there is much more to do.  While campaign season does not start for a while, we must always pay close attention to the future.  I encourage you to stay involved in my office and my campaign.  So many of you played a crucial role in our success as we built the strongest grassroots campaign in the state.  We must begin now building for the future so we can continue to fix the problems we have here in Raleigh, and grow the economy for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

Can I count on you to support my campaign today with a donation of $10, $25 or $50?  Your donation will help us build for the future.


Dan Forest

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