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Dan's On the Road Report--September

Welcome to the "On The Road Report," a monthly glimpse of the images and activities of North Carolina's Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest as he travels our great State.

Alice Forest Invites You To the USO of NC's Salute to Freedom Gala:

Alice Forest, wife of Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest, is asking for the support of North Carolinians onSaturday, October 4th, 2014 at 6:00PM for the 10th annual USO of North Carolina Salute to Freedom Gala. The goal of this annual event is to honor someone from each branch of the armed forces, as well as, the National Guard.

USO of North Carolina is the largest military based organization in the state and supports all five branches of the military …armed forces, as well as, the National Guard.

Mrs. Forest holds a place in her heart for all the men and women who are fighting and have fought so valiantly for our great country. “I love the bravery and sacrifice of our United States Military men and women. The USO of North Carolina’s Annual Salute to Freedom Gala is one time during the year when we can slow down, remember their commitment and honor their sacrifice. It is a dangerous world out there and our soldiers stand guard to ensure that we remain safe and free back home. Please join me in honoring our national heroes,” said Mrs. Forest.

If interested, please contact Jackie Geerlings at 919-840-3000 or jgeerlings@uso-nc.org.

Dan In The News:













Throughout the General Assembly's short session, Lt. Governor Dan Forest and Senator Jerry Tillman championed the North Carolina Education Endowment. A fund to supplement teacher pay in NC. This measure was included in the approved budget and is now law. One element of the NC Education Endowment is the "I Support Teachers" license plates, from which the proceeds go directly to the Endowment to supplement teacher compensation. 

By law, a certain amount of applications and accompanied payments are required for the plates to begin the printing process. We have opened the application process today and hope to meet that requirement very soon.

To sign up for an "I Support Teachers" License Plate:

  1. Download & Print the Application: http://www.scribd.com/doc/237524869/Application-I-Support-Teachers-License-Plates
  2. Fill out the requested information.
  3. Write a Check or Money Order made out to "I Support Teachers, Inc."
  4. Mail both the completed application and payment to:

I Support Teachers, Inc.
310 N. Blount Street
Raleigh, NC, 27601

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email ISupportTeachers@nc.gov. 

Images from around the State:

1: Downtown Raleigh architecture.
2: People came in droves to pack out the first Academic Standards Review Commission meeting this month. The Commission established co-chairs and set a regular meeting schedule. 
3: Homegrown Hawkins-Hartness House tobacco.
Our hole-in-one winner at the Second Annual Raleigh Dan Forest golf tournament.
5: Randolph County vistas.
 Dan Forest was joined by Rep. Bill Brawley and John Bradford and Mr. Pucket in Hendersonville during the rolling announcement of the launching of the "I Support Teachers" license plates benefitting the North Carolina Education Endowment. 
7: Traveling views. 
8: Dan hit the first tee shot at the USO of North Carolina's Charlotte golf tournament event. He also snapped a quick photo with Mike Rucker.
9: Picture from the road. 

10: Dan met with young conservative businessmen in Raleigh's Cardinal Club.
11: View of the Blue Ridge Mountains at sunset.
12: Dan's education expert, Jamey Falkenbury, traveled to Cary to keynote a seminar on the facts and dangers behind Common Core State Standards and what North Carolina must do to move forward for our children.
14: Lt. Governor Dan Forest traveled with former Lt. Governor, now Commissioner of the ABC Jim Gardner on the new underage drinking reduction initiative that will be rolling out through the ABC at the end of October. 
15: Throwing it back old school with a vintage Charlotte Hornets coaster.
16: Dan joined Phoenix Academy and other aerospace executives at the groundbreaking ceremony this month on their new aviation and engineering facilities. 
17: Back road North Carolina views.
18: Dan with with two-peat winners of the Second Annual Charlotte Dan Forest Golf Tournament this year. This team is starting a nice little golf bag collection.

Keep an eye on our events page at www.danforest.com/events for upcoming visits to your area. 

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