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Dan's On The Road Report--May

Welcome to the "On The Road Report," a monthly glimpse of the images and activities of North Carolina's Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest as he travels our great State.

Military Appreciation Day:


Lt. Governor Dan Forest joined the leadership of North Carolina's military bases to march from the Capitol, through Museum Mall, to the North Carolina General Assembly building. 

Images from around the State:

1: Image of election sticker after Primary Election day vote.
2: After their meeting, Dan stands with the rest of North Carolina's Council of State leaders.
3: Dan hosts several students on the North Carolina Senate Chamber floor for a tour and pictures.
4: Image of Hallifax Mall as viewed from the NC General Assembly building on the first day of the short session. 

Update on Opportunity Scholarships:

Following the North Carolina Supreme Court's decision to stay a judge's prior ruling that the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarships could not go forward, Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest issued the following statement:

"This decision is an important first step to allow some of the poorest children in our state an opportunity to attend a school that they would otherwise have had no option to attend. While the prior judge's decision would have put a halt to the process of issuing these scholarships, the Supreme Court's decision should allow the scholarships to be issued as planned. I applaud the Supreme Court's decision." -Lt. Governor Dan Forest



Weekly Morning Radio Segment with Dan Forest on the KC O'Dea Show:
DanBrandEvents.pngDan will be participating in a weekly segment every Wednesday morning at 8:00 am with radio personality KC O'Dea. You can stream the show even if you live outside the listening coverage areas from this link: www.1061fmtalk.com . Be sure to tune in and call the hotline with any questions that you may have.

More images from around the State:

1: Dan and the winners of the Asheville golf tournament: Roger Aiken, David Meyer, Jim Mitchell, & Norman Black. 
2: Hawkins-Hartness House in spring on N. Blount Street with the Azaleas in full bloom.
3: Dan and Rusty Wallace at the NCGA. Rusty Wallace was Dan's favorite driver growing up.
Moon Pies and checkered table cloth from our Henry Clay Day celebration at the Hawkins-Hartness House.
5: Dan with "The King," Richard Petty, and family on the floor of the NC Senate as Petty's late wife, Lynda Petty, was honored for her great service to North Carolina--especially in the area of education. 
 Image from Downtown Historic Edenton. 
7: Lt. Governor Dan Forest sits down with Rep. John Torbett of Gaston Co. at the Hawkins-Hartness House.
8: Breakfast on the road...NC's own Bojangles. 
9: Lt. Governor Dan Forest, President of Senate, calls session to order with the bang of the gavel.
10: Hal Weatherman has been on a state-wide speaking tour to GOP clubs. Here is an image of Downtown Historic Edenton from his visit.
11: Dan and Senator Tillman held a press availability after the unveiling of their Education Endowment initiative. 
12: Image of the crest at Phoenix Academy during Dan's tour of their school. 
13: Dan and Richard Childress in Raleigh. 
14: Image of the Brunswick County GOP Club's Lincoln/Reagan Day dinner dessert. 
15: The students from Cornerstone Christian Academy came to meet the Lt. Governor and tour the Hawkins-Hartness House.
16: Good old fashioned NC Agriculture. Lettuce rows popping up in the garden behind Hawkins-Hartness House.
17: Image of News14 Carolina covering Lt. Governor Dan Forest calling the 2014 short session to order.
18: Image from the road of highway signs during Hal Weatherman's state-wide speaking tour. 


Common Core Update:

House Bill 1061 was recently filed in the General Assembly. This is the bill stemming from the Legislative Research Committee's recommendation to regain local control of our North Carolina standards.

House Bill 1061/Senate Bill 812 "Replace Common Core to Meet NC's Needs":

  1. This bill removes Common Core State Standards from General Statute. By doing so, the bill clarifies the State Board of Education's authority over the direction and content of North Carolina education standards.
  2. HB 1061 keeps the federal government and unaccountable national organizations from meddling with the educational standards that are, by Constitution, the sole authority of North Carolina.
  3. This bill creates a committee that will go through the standards line-by-line. They will remove developmentally inappropriate material, fix the gaps that fail to help our students graduate STEM ready, and then create our own NC standards.
  4. "Replace Common Core to Meet NC's Needs" puts control of education back into the hands of North Carolina, where it belongs.

What is the point of the bill "Replace Common Core to Meet NC's Needs?"

  • On many occasions, some Members of the State Board of Education and State Superintendent Dr. June Atkinson have stated that their hands are tied because Common Core State Standards are referenced in North Carolina General Statutes. In removing Common Core from State law, the State Board of Education now is unambiguously accountable for solving the issues found in Common Core, or any other standards to be created. 
  • If passed, this legislation will create a standards review commission that will be able to make recommendations to the State Board of Education for needed changes. They will do this in three ways: (1) They may recommend timely changes to the SBOE for instant modification to our current standards; (2) they will diligently go line-by-line throughout all the standards to make recommendations to the SBOE for other necessary changes; and (3), the standards review commission will assemble recommendations for new North Carolina educational standards to the SBOE for approval. 

This legislation is the first step for our state to have the highest, most rigorous standards in the nation that are developmentally appropriate for our students and reflect the needs and demands of our changing economy. Please urge your legislators to vote in favor of the "Replace Common Core to Meet NC's Needs" bill.  

Governor McCrory's Career Pathways for Teachers & Dan Forest's Education Endowment:
CareerPathwaysPresser.pngDan joined Governor McCrory (along with Dr. June Atkinson, Mooresville Superintendent Dr. Mark Edwards, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Superintendent Dr. Heath Morrison, and others) to unveil the Career Pathways plan for NC teachers. While providing a 2% immediate pay increase for veteran teachers and significant increase for starting teacher pay, the plan also set up a complete overhaul of how teachers are compensated. Specifically it creates six base levels of funding- along with bonus opportunities for teachers to increase their pay. Following is a chart showing the different steps in pay teachers can expect once the Career Pathways plan is fully implemented. 

Also, Lieutenant Governor Forest unveiled legislation to create the NC Education Endowment.

The North Carolina Education Endowment Fund Creates Three New Revenue Streams to Sustainably Supplement Teacher Pay:

  1. Providing citizens and corporations the opportunity to contribute funds to the endowment via a line on their tax forms, either by contributing from their income tax refunds or by making additional contributions separate from their tax bill.
  2. Allowing the public to simultaneously fund the endowment while showing their support for our teachers by purchasing “I Support Teachers” specialty license plates.
  3. Creating a vehicle for corporations and individuals to make tax-deductible donations to the Education Endowment.

These three funding streams are only the beginning. Our goal is to use the bill as framework through which we can invest other funds with the goal of increasing teacher compensation for our high-performing teachers. The long-term intent of the endowment is that it would become self-sustaining.

Lieutenant Governor Launches Common Core Education Seminar:JameysSpeakingTour.png

Dan has tasked Jamey Falkenbury, his education policy advisor, with giving an overview of the problems we see with the Common Core State Standards. If your civic group would like to hear this seminar, email Jamey Falkenbury (Jfalkenbury@gmail.com) to schedule a time. The following are Jamey's upcoming speaking events:

June 5th 
East Wake Republican Club. Location: Smithfield's BBQ Knightdale (6:00-8:00 PM) 

June 9th 
Cleveland County GOP. Location: 311 East Marion Street, Shelby, NC (7:00-8:00 PM) 

June 21st
Brunswick County Republican Women.
Location: TBD (Lunch) 

July 14th
Transylvania County.
Location: TBD (5:30-7:30 PM)

July 15th
Gem County Republican Women.
Location: 1024 Georgia Road, Franklin, NC. (12:00-1:00 PM) 

Dan Forest Launches Community and Grassroots Briefing Tour:HalsSpeakingTour.png

Dan has tasked Hal Weatherman with conducting an in-depth strategic overview of community and grassroots building across North Carolina. Make sure your county Republican organization is equipped and prepared by inviting Hal to come give this presentation. Email Rebekah Bradley (rebekahbradley422@gmail.com) to schedule Hal. Following is a partial listing of Hal's upcoming presentations: 

June 24th
West Wake GOP

Please help spread the word about these upcoming events. 

--Dan Forest

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