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Dan Forest's Education Endowment: Explained

Today marked another big step towards the goal of making North Carolina teachers the highest performing and highest paid in the nation.


Lt. Governor Dan Forest started the morning in Greensboro, NC with Governor McCrory in support of his announcement of the Career Pathways plan for NC teachers. It was here Dan joined Governor Pat McCrory, State Budget Director Art Pope, Rep. Craig Horn (who spoke on behalf of Speaker Thom Tillis), State Superintendent Dr. June Atkinson, Mooresville Graded School District Superintendent Dr. Mark Edwards, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Superintendent Dr. Heath E. Morrison, Rep. Linda Johnson, Rep. Rob Bryan, the Governor's Senior Advisor on Education Eric Guckian, and more. 


In the afternoon, Lt. Governor Dan Forest presented to the Joint Committee on Education Oversight on his North Carolina Education Endowment Fund as an innovative way to supplement teacher pay in North Carolina. A drafted bill, spearheaded by Sen. Jerry Tillman and Lt. Governor Forest was introduced and discussed with various committee members.


The Education Endowment is a special fund created with a singular purpose—to increase teacher compensation in a manner that positively impacts student achievement.

  • No tax increase required
  • Funds may only be used for teacher compensation
  • To supplement excellence, creativity, and innovation in teaching


Many have shared their concerns on the teacher pay problem North Carolina and the Education Endowment is a vehicle that provides several pathways to make a difference for teachers in NC. 

  1. Individuals may donate funds to the Education Endowment via a line on their tax return.
  2. People may purchase "I Support Teachers" specialty license plates for their vehicles with proceeds to be placed in the Endowment Fund.
  3. Corporations and Individuals may give tax-deductible donations to the Education Endowment Fund. 


Today was the first step in introducing the framework for the Education Endowment. There is more to come. Stay tuned. 


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