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Common Core in North Carolina

Common Core: We can do better in North Carolina

In case you missed it, Lieutenant Governor Forest issued an op-ed on Common Core that was published by EdNC last month. As you are likely aware, Lieutenant Governor Forest has been outspoken with his desire for North Carolina to have the highest standards for our students, and he truly believes that Common Core is not the right fit. It is developmentally inappropriate at lower grade levels and not strong enough at the high school level to prepare students for a STEM career. Lieutenant Governor Forest’s op-ed addresses six major concerns that he has regarding Common Core. Click here to view the full op-ed.

 “After months of questions about the challenges of the standards from parents and educators, few answers have been revealed. Two things are now clear to me. Common Core is not a partisan issue. And, no matter where one stands on the Common Core spectrum, everyone can agree that we all want what is best for our children in North Carolina.”

-Lt. Governor Dan Forest 


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