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CCSS Study Com Testimony


See a transcript of Dan Forest's testimony to the NCGA LRC Study Committee on Common Core State Standards: http://www.scribd.com/doc/208244183/Lt-Governor-Dan-Forest-s-Testimony-at-the-North-Carolina-LRC-Common-Core-State-Standards-Study-Committee

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  • Kevin Cochran
    commented 2014-02-24 13:46:31 -0500
    Thank you Lt. Governor Forest for taking action on Common Core! It is clear to me that you are trying to find the solution that is best for North Carolina. While I think all of your stated concerns are valid, I’m most concerned about lack of rigor in the STEM subject areas. Based on research and comments from the experts you quoted, I think the standards for STEM must be re-evaluated. Finally, I agree that we need a standards committee to re-evaluate each specific standard to see determine whether it is well-suited for North Carolina. Our people and industries are different from those of many other states. It only makes sense that our education is different too.

    Kevin Cochran
    Cary, NC