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A Job Well Done for the Run Forest Run Team

Run Forest Run Team,

I emailed everyone some statistics on Election Day to show you the results of all of your hard work on Dan’s campaign.

I have updated those numbers below and wanted to be the first to tell each and every one you – job well done!

The Run Forest Run team is truly remarkable. – Neal Harrington

To date:

  • You have recruited 887 active users on MYDanForest.com – (Dan’s Social Networking Platform)
  • Created 83 Personal Fundraising Pages which raised $243,790.00 from 1,498 individual donations including 939first-time donors to a political campaign. 

  • Signed-up more than 300 volunteers

  • Posted more than 700 main-street endorsements

  • Written more than 1,100 blogs 

  • Planned and executed 181 online events

  • Organized 106 online groups including one in every county across the state

  • Shared and promoted content from DanForest.com to Facebook and Twitter with more than 1,000,000 people resulting in 73,147 unique visitors to DanForest.com who viewed 300,605 pages

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